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on the scene. >> watching bay area weather mt. tam on. >> we are below freezing and vallejo, napa and santa rosa. oakland waking up to mid 30's, temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's high. i will talk about your extended forecast and my next report. >> we're looking at a good ride around the bay, no hot spots. a bit of a back up at the may hearing whites are not yet acted. we still have light traffic around the bay area, some slowing in the east bay for highway 4 and interstate 580. >> a developing story right now a house fire in san mateo, a live look at the scene. jackie sissel is live on the scene this morning. >> cruise from the san mateo
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fire apartment have been out here for almost two hours fighting the blaze. they got out at about for 15 this morning. they discovered it was actually an underwriter's behind a big house. firefighters are putting water on what is left of this rise. the house itself was they get what they believe that possibly someone was ae legally inside that home. they had started the fire inside the rise. there is less of debris found inside was a broken hand and started putting water on the fire itself. the rise was backed up to an apartment building nearby. because of that there was a temporary evacuation of some restaurants and that building while they got control of the fire. because of the suspicious nature of the fire, they said fire
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investigators out to determine exactly what started the fire. the good news is no one was hurt. cruz and san mateo fire apartment are expected to be out here for another hour or so doing a monologue. >> in san francisco a water main break in north beach and is the intersection of filbert and may send is where will tran is right now. >> we have learned the cause of the water main break that happened shortly before 4:00 this morning. it was as simple as cold and old age. it goes back to 1930's and just gave out. they still have to do lots of cleaning up. if you are hoping to hot on a cable line and mason, that will not be available. the man on the coroner says he is with muni and they have to walk along the cable line just to see if any debris got into it. that way
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will not damage any of their cable cars and that could take a couple of hours before they get the go ahead. here is video of the main break and thousands of gallons rushing down the street. it impacted maybe two to 300 people for about two blocks from a sent to jones. --mason we got a chance to talk to people living around here and here is what they are talking about >> i have had to 20 as i do every day to get up to the work at 3 and i was brushing my teeth and washed my face the there was no water. i get your bubble in the background and i walked on the streets of this mess all over the place. it was just
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amazing. >> have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no. never, not in sampras's go. >> this can happen anywhere, even and sam francisco. they will be here all day because they know what happened and now they know the cause. they will be making repairs but as far as water being restored that was done at 5:00 this morning. >> a fire in san ramon valley and the same street where a large tree fell last week. the fire was reported around for 45 this morning that is a one alarm fire and we not received any reports of injuries. >> we have our first look at the man police say robbed a 79 year-old woman at gunpoint earlier this month in redwood city. they're looking for a 21 year-old louis martinez trujillo. i'm
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the morning of february 7th, officers responded to report or robbery in progress at a home and 900 block of 10th avenue in redwood city. 2 men, including trujillo and a teenage girl entered the hall and held a woman at gunpoint while ransacking her home. police out looking for this man and a female suspect. tonight the u.s. santa cruz police the bart will address safety concerns on campus to meet for a reported raid over the weekend. this is get to the man police are looking for. police say he by lee attacked and raped a woman who was visiting campus on sunday afternoon. today's meeting is on campus from seven to 8:30 p.m.. all members of the campus community are invited.
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>> first snow now rain. a storm of heavy snow on the sacramento area and the mountains north of the city yesterday. here is video of the conditions. the storm a mess of the road and the national weather service says thunderstorms are expected throughout the night. the national weather service says a tornado with wind speeds between 40 to 7 mi. per hour was spotted in the sacramento area. the tornado has not been a big source of the damage in the area. >> and natural gas wind explosion at a restaurant in kansas city. it happened during dinner time. a gas leaks brought about an hour before the explosion. we have video the aftermath of this explosion, one person is missing and 14 are injured. special dogs are being used to sniff out any human remains in the debris.
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it is believed a contractor struck and natural gas line while doing underground work but the investigation continues. >> a live look intemperances go, it is starting to write to already. a chilly start in severance is go at 41, looking for a high of mid- 50s this afternoon.
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>> to answer that officials
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at japan's a part of a battery that overheated and all nippon airways boeing 787 last month was improperly wired. the new report says the battery of the aircraft's auxiliary power unit was incorrectly connected to the main battery that overheated. averments and protect the valve would have prevented power from the knit from doing damage. he has and that led to an emergency landing and it was one of several is it is that led to the world wide running a boeing 787 jets. this morning we'll be hearing from secretary of state john kerry as he makes his first major public address in his new role. even today at the university of virginia and we will carry portions of life really are kron4 during that our 8:00 hour. kerry will focus on president obama administration's foreign policy, with an eye on his first overseas trip in his new post. >> a new gallup poll shows
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sources approval rating holding steady but it finds that your than one in seven americans approve of the job lawmakers are doing. eight in 10 americans disapprove of the job congress is doing. the current approval rating is the same as its average in 2012 which was caught was the lowest yearly average since 1974. republicans in congress have an approval rating of 12% while democrats picked up from 15% to 19% in january. taking a look in gas prices this morning, the national average continues to rise it is now $3.70 6¢ for regular state gas. the state of california the average five to $4.18. its absence is go $4.15, and oakland $4.70, in san jose $4.90. >> we have a live look at the bay bridge, already a back up farming. more on
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drive times coming up. also keeping our eyes on bay area weather, we are 39 degrees this right now going up to 50 degrees. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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>> all lan kron4 you will
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see the damage inside the home where an enormous oak trees fell in contra costa county. rotten roots are to blame for its fall. the home sustain so much damage said the family can no longer live there. it's a call they for crews remove leftover parts of the tree but the family is thankful no one was hurt. >> if it would have been 15 or 10 ft. further away, it would have fallen all the way out before it hit the house and it would have crushed the house which both my wife and i were and. we are very lucky. >> counting their blessings. the family was able to get some of their belongings and they are now staying with friends. have the structure will now have to be torn down and rebuilt. >> yesterday we definitely have our fair share of interesting weather. we saw hail, isolated thunderstorms along our coast waters. the
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house and will send observers ari mentioned three and a half inches of snow. widespread right around the bay area but today quiet and clear out there. just very cold temperatures. into the afternoon, upper 50s low 60s. it will feel pretty crisp later on today. we will see plenty of sunshine and dry weather stick around. brace yourself, and other cold light is headed our way. right now you're leaving your house, a bundle up 29 is the number we are seeing and napa up. 20 vallejo, low '40's and severance is go in oakland. i want to highlight flow o'clock so by lunchtime for amateurs will be in the '50s. we'll make progress and by 2:00 p.m. on rounder afternoon highs, lows 60s could trickle and for the north bay. most of us will be contending with upper
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50s, clear conditions expected. by 8:00 p.m. tonight we will bring the numbers back down. most of us sitting in the '40's. afternoon highs it will be pretty mild 60 oakland, 58 hayward, 56 downtown san francisco, 59 at fairfield. i checked with caltrans and we have chain restrictions still in effect 4 highway 50 as well as 88. drive cautiously if you are headed up there we have the potential for isolated snow showers throughout the day. we'll be dry thursday into friday under mostly cloudy skies. 7 day around the bay forecast shows stable weather for the next couple of days. high pressure will break apart friday night into saturday and that will bring the opportunity for a cold front pushing in. it could bring light rain and north of the golden gate bridge. it is looking like a
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10 percent chance again this is for our roof they communities during the dry by sunday, partly cloudy conditions with temperatures below warmer as we start the next work week. 6:18 a.m. and here is george. >> little change in the order of things, we are looking at developing hot spot on the nimitz freeway. this is 880 and the northbound direction. of st. we had word of an accident are originally reported as a minor incident but is still rock blocked the right-hand lane. it is blocking of the traffic from embarcadero fifth as you head north. it has the potential to back up as ride on 880 in the northbound direction. we will be tracking this. that is the only incidence of bar that is have the potential return to a hot spot. otherwise, conditions not too bad. the bay bridge toll plaza meeting lights are now active, right on time. a backup started to form of the 880 approach is still a
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delay free. the salmon sale bridge is without the lake, 11 minutes and westbound direction. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy trip for a 1 01 southbound as you head in from marin county. public transit is still not tracking any delays except a sprained number-one. six minutes behind schedule out of the back of the station. >> if you behave badly you can't get banned from art. bart will be holding its second meeting today on whether not take a bad problem passengers. the consideration of the ban comes after station agents told directors that there'd been an increase in violence and threats against them. offenders can be banned for 30 days to a year, depending on the offense. today's hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the standards as the department of health office on gross street. >> parking at at&t park will be getting pricier. starting march 4th, leaders will be operating until 10:00 p.m. from monday through saturday. leaders will also
6:22 am
cost more drinking days and days the ballpark of the beds. on not even days the meter costs will be 25¢ per hour from 6 to 10:00 p.m.. on a bad day's $7 an hour. the changes are meant to increase parking availability and reduce congestion. anchor steam has announced plans to expand their operation opening a second san francisco location right next to the ballpark. the plan is for this now at the warehouse of your 48 to be transformed into akers seems new brewery, distribution center and restaurant with indoor and outdoor tables. the old rule of metal doors will be replaced with the windows to allow people to see in and watch the deer being made. as part of the project is expected to be complete in 2016 and there is more in the works. the mission talked about it will be neighbor to at&t park turning up here from being mostly as the parking lot into a new neighborhood with 1500 apartment units along with retail and office
6:23 am
space. >> we think it will be a quiet neighborhood, we want to serve any one of third authentic businesses to be here. we want a new york's soho kind of neighborhood. it is a very much a place you want to go and visit. >> the port commission is expected to review the plans next month. if approved, the project is expected to be complete in the year 2021. >> a 10 month old baby girl was found dead in the feel and solely as after family members reported her missing from castro built. angel negron was found under a bus. the last time and those families are was back on february 2nd and her mother's boyfriend hastings as the nose up and turn out to watch the super bowl at his home. after two weeks and him telling them he took her to disneyland, loved ones got worried. they
6:24 am
alerted authorities on saturday and that's when the search of the little angel began. the monterey county sheriff's office however did not issue an amber alert. officials say that is in part because they did not have a description of the suspect's car. casey'he sujesus espinoza was arrested monday by los angeles police on suspicion of murder and kidnapping. an autopsy on and build a body is scheduled for today which will determine the cause of her death.
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>> watching market after a big day on wall street yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 finishing at a new five- year high and not far off records set in october 2007. stock futures are firmer ahead of the opening bell this morning. in just a few minutes, the government will publish data on housing starts, building permits and producer prices. on the corporate front, firms
6:28 am
including does not work and mgm resorts are expected to report quarterly results this morning while it has let is out after the bell. >> and the report finds that heavy spending during the holiday season may have kept consumers from making timely payments on their credit cards. the report finds that the rate of credit card payments at least 90 days overdue jumped 2.5% in the fourth quarter. that is an increase of about 9% from 2011. meanwhile, the average amount of debt charged by borrowers in the fourth quarter was just over $5,000. one factor contributing to late payments and banks have been issuing more credit has to borrowers with less than perfect credit. support security we times maybe soon getting a lot longer and staffing cuts are to blame. airports across the country will be impacted at the $85 billion of federal budget cuts goes
6:29 am
through as scheduled. they are part of force federal spending cuts set to take effect march 1st. many agencies including those that handle airport security, customs, and air traffic control will be forced to for a lonmarleau empls -- furlough >> a cold start but we are looking for a high of 60 this afternoon. we will be right back.
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through sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. >> welcome back opening numbers on wall street it looks like a be a flat start to early trading. google shares are coming down of that but still opening today at 8 0685, the highest level
6:32 am
for google stock. >> it is definitely a frigid start of the morning. it is cl are seeing sunshine already. temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday's afternoon highs. tomorrow we are anticipating a body start with most these sunny conditions into the afternoon. rain as you head into your saturday the temperature is a little warmer as the starter next work week. we of several factors to talk about and i will keep your extended forecast in my next report. >> i think we're looking at the golden gate bridge and the ride on 1 01 in the southbound direction. no delays of for your ride on bart on caltrans but a trained no. 1 is now seven minutes behind schedule. it continues to move westward
6:33 am
and the delays pick up, a last check out of fremont it was eight minutes behind schedule. >> crews are on scene of a water main break and san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the intersection of filbert and mesa streets, out will tran is live on the scene. >> here's what you need to know. 200 people lost water for about 45 minutes to about and how or from 4 to 5: in e morning. we are talking about those homes from season to jones. the water has been restored, shortly around 5:00 this morning. >> at repairers, said it will be here all day and the calls are marked and off in this area. there'll be a brand it's well into line. the old line dated to this 1930's and believe that cold weather and age were the reason for the water main break. here is video for what happened, thousands of
6:34 am
gallons of water went rushing down the hill. it is possibly down to the wharf which is why some business owners here were concerned that their business would not have water throughout the day. we talked to one person in this area and here is what he had to say. >> we use water every day. it's not like to affect us so much as that will the other folks on the wharf because of the catch of fish every day and you're using water constantly. >> he does not have to worry about that because crews said it only affected this area. there is a laundromat right next door and it is open. people inside as saying there is not a problem as well. there is a problem if you rely on the cable cars on may sent to get to downtown san francisco. there are no crews in the middle of the roadway. that judgment in
6:35 am
the corner is monitoring the situation because when the light comes up they will have a better view of the groove. with the water main break, who knows what kind of debris washed down here. they want to make sure it is clear before they give the go-ahead for the cable cars. he said that could take until about 8 to 830 this morning. >> firefighters and that mateo county remain on the scene of an early-morning house fire. the fire was reported just before 430 this morning on north claremont street. crews managed to put the fire out pretty quickly and no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is being investigated. >> a story only you will see on kron4 a video of a large brawl that happened early sunday morning and north beach along broadway. san francisco city officials are not reacting to this fight. kron4 spoke with officials in say operations at one club have now been suspended because of it. >> what we need to make
6:36 am
sure though is that club owners, parking lot operators, party promoters folks are profiting from the entertainment and the night life are taking responsibility for ensuring that these acts of violence, these public they be incidents do not happen in our residential neighborhoods. >> initially after this fight broke out on sunday morning, only two police officers could be seen. initially police from the entire city embarked on broadway to control the crowd. supervisor david chiu says there have been signs of improvement in north beach and some as ftd officers have been reassigned to other trouble spots mainly in the mission. the standards as the couple now behind bars accused of trafficking prostitutes out of san francisco hotel. police say sate jones and his girlfriend maria jiminez
6:37 am
regretted for females including a 17 year-old for prostitution. the victims told police they were given the illegal drugs. the suspect for but some books and san mateo county jail on $80,000 bail. >> police have released the name of the shooter and a valentine's day murder- suicide. investigators say this man and >> set his ex-girlfriend and then turn the gun on himself and their east san jose home. his ex- girlfriend has been identified as 20 year-old anh tran. a pedestrian chasing after her dog has died apparently after being hit by two cars outside of santa rosa. it happened last night around 8:00 p.m. near the intersection of west avenue and meet in court. there is an unincorporated area of santa rosa and roseland.
6:38 am
sees these as a vehicle struck the woman and a second car struck the woman while down the road. she is transported to a local hospital where she later died. >> police found a box of testosterone and needles and the bedroom of oscar pistorius. he is the element was been charged with murder and shooting of his girlfriend. the detective made a revelation today and testimony at a bail hearing for the athlete. this discovery raises possibilities that pistorius might have been using performance enhancing substances. pistorius says he shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp by mistake, fearing there was an intruder in his gated complex. >> clear skies to start your wednesday morning. san the tail, good morning to you on notes up but the temperature will get into the upper 50s today. also a hot spot we come back.
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>> we have in my train accident on the nimitz freeway in the right lane. what should be about as well as a 13 minute ride is now running over 20 minutes northbound from san leandro and to downtown oakland. even still use interstate 580, it will make a great alternate route. >> heavy snow coming down and wreaking havoc for motorists into long county. that was on the tractor jamestown on highway 49 going slow as the storm brought icy roads and snow conditions. the tories say as many as 100 car spun out of control and of the roadways force in the chp this of traffic controls.
6:43 am
>> the body of the canadian tourist who has been missing for three weeks as an found a water tank in los angeles. police a 21 year-old elisa lam is a body was found in the tank on the roof of a downtown el a hotel. all lanes as worker found the body after looking into complaints of poor water pressure. investigators are looking into whether lam's that was a result of foul play or accidental. vice-president joe biden as the wording the medal of valor 218 police officers, firefighters and public safety it is the nation's highest honor for public safety at officers and recognizes those who risk their own safety to save or protect others. one of the honorees at disney york city firefighter peter demontreux. demontreux was rescuing a man from a burning apartment when an entire floor of the building exploded. demontreux was set
6:44 am
on fire but managed to get the man safely onto an aerial ladder before diving out of the building. to chp officers from fresno, officer sean holler howeveholhad officer raphael riviera who tried to rescue an officer who was shot and killed during a standoff in 2010. for the recipients died in the line of duty and receive the medal posthumously.
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>> watching a fairly flat day on wall street can we get ahold of it we? >we had a big announcement office max and office depot
6:48 am
a big merger got of their leave the deal is not finalized yet. >> no one really knows. clearly this the story here is is let's compete with staples and amazon .com. everyone is looking for other business models. survival of the settled thifittest. staples is a pretty good competitor. >> i remember distinctly in 2003 or 2004 google was a hundred dollars a share. you have to be crazy to buy that stock and now is closing to over $800 this morning.
6:49 am
>> would do all the story has to be you're not really and to sell bonds terribly well search is incredibly profitable. the story is they survived countless investigation into the privacy issue. i like google, it is a great company. it is interesting. if you put the global chart on the apple tart, gold is going up as apple is going down. you may get a buying opportunity this spring and google. it looks like they're not hiring this year in the apple analysts are growing. are they going to the new iphone five as? apple is a little weaker today and not
6:50 am
hiring across china i eat not making a lot of product right now. >> is apple oversold right now? >> it feels like the civil war. there are no winners. later this month the board of directors meeting might be active for the stock. new product, is been months since a new product has been out. we need something soon from apple to feed our intellectual curiosity. >> thank you route, we will check back with you later on today for winners and losers on wall street. >> after some rain and snow and the bay area is much higher this morning. it's called the the chilly air has that and. stamford's is go on the left and walnut creek and san jose on the right. >> it is very frigid out
6:51 am
there, we have a couple of spots in the upper 20s right now. a cold start, bring your sweater. temperatures will top out in the upper 50s may be low 60s this afternoon. it will be mild and kind of crisp out there but plenty of sunshine however. temperatures will drop as we head into later on tonight and to the 40's. expect another frigid evening. temperatures right now 29 and napa at the freezing mark and pleasanton, upper 30's redwood city. future cast force shows like 12 we take those numbers throughout the day and the mainly '50s indicated by the light blue. by 2:00 p.m. we will start to see some 60s speak out. green for now but, possibly santa rosa. in fairfield as well. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, all the purple indicates
6:52 am
40's. it will be cold once again. i want to bring down afternoon highs. out in about expect ever '50s for fremont and milpitas, 56 sunnyvale, 57 on monday valley. low 60s the possibility for concord, walnut creek, 58 castro valley, 56 san leandro, up mid fifties for the city, 59 santa rosa. 55 daly city, 60 oakland. satellite and radar shows the wet weather has pushed its way well to our south. we are clear, dry. high pressure will keep us that way for the next couple of days. saturday, a weak cold front of bring some grain to the area where right now that will stick to our north and east. dry conditions, partly cloudy skies as we head into the next work week. a lot of interesting changes for the next several days. more on your bay area forecast
6:53 am
coming up in just a bit. taking up to tahoe, i checked with caltrans and you still need your chains for highway 50 as well as 88. suitable 10 to 12 in. of base of 70 to 132 in.. , what base of 31 to 65, 2 in. reported. squaw valley received 45 in. in the past 44 hours with a base of 26 to 97 in.. >> we continue to mind are a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. the accident are found 880 is still backing up the ride. drive times running over 29 minutes now leading up from san leandro and to downtown oakland. for a while you could still use interstate 580 as your alternate route. traffic is starting to build up their downtown oakland 4580 westbound ride as well. a minor accident but it required to flatbed tow
6:54 am
trucks. the right lake may still be blocked, taking some time to clear here. the ride is backing up from the coliseum on 880 northbound. the bay bridge westbound not so bad, the backup still here between 880 in west grand. 16 minutes drive times left if you are coming from the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge is still 11 to 12 minutes for your commute time had it was word for foster city. a: a bridge ride is an easy one from 1 01 southbound coming from marin county. >> a memorial service for dr. jerry buss will be held tomorrow at the nokia appear at the air at el a live. thus, who is known as one of the most successful owners and all sports died monday of kidney failure after battling cancer for 18 months. he was 8 years e d years old. --80 the lakers
6:55 am
where pat's of j.b. on the ride that of their jerseys either owner who bought the team in 1979. the team also on our bus before the game tonight against the boston celtics. >> mark jackson and the warriors have not won a game since the super bowl, off five straight losses. up largely for the warriors last night was no different. the utah jazz defeated golden state won 15 to 1 01 tuesday night to extend the warriors longer losing streak to six games. seven jazz players scored in double figures, and utah got 47 points from it reverses. on the ice antti niemi made 25 saves and some can >> kennedy scored in the
6:56 am
third period to help the starts and a seven game winless streak with its a 1 win over the st. louis blues. the sharks seven games it was their longest streak since attending run in 2005. joe thornton also scored for san jose, which began the season with a franchise record seven successive wins. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good.
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